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Providing solutions that recognize your uniqueness  

About Us


We have a strong focus on innovative companies. You need insightful advice on how to structure and finance the growth in your business. You may not possess the time to educate consultants about your industry, so you need an advisory team that understands your issues, hits the ground running and adds value from day one.


We empower you to focus upon your unique skills and competencies and lead you along the learning curve of handling the organizational and financial impact of rapid growth and the strains which this inevitably places upon you.


We understand that every company has its own unique DNA and that advisory services should respect that uniqueness, deploying external expertise as necessary to provide you with market leading advisory services that support sustainable business and financing strategies.


If you are a prospective investor, we will work with you to pinpoint your investment goals, either as a direct hands-on management partner or a portfolio based financial partner. We will map out an objective and unbiased analysis of investment opportunities, adapted to your strategy. If your strategy is fund-based, then we will build investment portfolios with the risk and diversification profiles you seek.


Bay Hawks’ managing partners have deep and broad experience in financial and related sectors, including fund management, spread across the Americas and Europe. Bay Hawks is international in its scope but with a strong emphasis upon Latin America. Our business model closely mirrors the open architecture of young and growing companies, with a lean internal structure and outsourcing to access best of breed partners and consultants for specific mandates, tailoring each team to the client’s specific needs.


We have a strong vision of enduring relationships. Our goal is not to sell you one idea, but to be working with you in ten years’ time.

Who We Are


Noel is the founder of Bay Hawks Ltd. He has more than 30 years experience as an entrepreneur, a strategic advisor and a senior executive at leading multinational companies in the Americas and Europe. Noel is a former EVP/Group Executive and General Manager of MasterCard Worldwide. He began his career at MasterCard in 1998 where he held increasingly senior positions throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Whilst at MasterCard, he headed Corporate Strategy, Business Development, Regional Management and Key Client Relationship Management. During his tenure, business grew consistently at a double-digit annual rate and revenues doubled every four years. Noel spearheaded the break-away strategy from the traditional association business model to include new verticals, products, technologies and clients such as Telcos, Retailers, Governments and other non traditional players.

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Noel Lustig



Neil is the co-founder of BayHawks Ltd. He spent thirty years as an international banker in Europe and the Americas, mainly for Lloyds Bank International and its affiliates, performing in general management posts for most of that period. He was active in corporate banking in seven different countries in the Americas between 1983 and 1997, often involved in Latin American sovereign and private debt restructuring. This culminated as head of a corporate banking team in Brazil specializing in structured trade finance, that doubled income in three years and that notably designed the financing package that relaunched Embraer, now the world’s third largest aircraft manufacturer. In Brazil he moved into asset management and private banking, structuring and developing a Luxembourg registered pan American fund family that combined fund managers in four different countries with over a billion dollars in assets under management.


Neil Glanville



What We Do


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are underpinned by an assessment of your position within your own industry and context. We have a particular focus upon fintech, banking, real estate, retail agribusiness, infrastructure and renewable energy, and can readily access expertise in any other sector. The overriding aim is to understand the uniqueness of your business and work with you to maximize its potential. A mandate may involve capital structuring; strategic advisory; debt restructuring; valuations; or IPO advisory .


Oficinas comerciales

take many forms, such as; selling a stake in a high potential fast growing company to a venture capital group; consolidating later phase expansion through capital injection from a private equity partner; or identifying and negotiating strategic partnerships. We can call upon a network of contacts with key players and pools of capital, regionally and globally.


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will play an increasing role in the region in the coming decade, and funding options for growing businesses will become increasingly diverse and complex. We can walk you through those options most appropriate to your business, such as private placements; loan syndication; securitizations; or acquisition finance.


Reportes financieros

is a huge industry in itself and the principal global investment vehicle, across the whole range of private and institutional investors, although it is strictly speaking just one area of capital markets. Bay Hawks is primarily active in regional funds with sector specializations, capturing value both for domestic and foreign investors in the region. We can offer support in fund concept development; sourcing seed capital; specialist sector advisory; fund management; or risk management.


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